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Workshop 1. NONMEM
Time, Place and Language
Nov 5 (Thu) 13:30-17:00, KSAP Live, Korean
Gyu-Jeong Noh (University of Ulsan)
Learning Objectives

The attendees understand NONMEM objective function, -2LL (log-likelihood).

Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters split into fixed effect and random inter-individual effect parameters in mixed effects modeling.

The attendees understand statistical and error models.

The attendees understand several types of covariate model.

The attendees are encouraged to make a NONMEM control file and interpret NONMEM result file.

The attendees understand that predictive checks and bootstrap are used to internally validate a selected NONMEM model.

NONMEM (nonlinear mixed effects modeling) workshop aims to provide fundamental concepts of population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analysis, and essential knowledge of how to run NONMEM, how to interpret NONMEM results, and how to validate a selected NONMEM model. The objective function of NONMEM,-2LL (log-likelihood), is discussed. This workshop shows how to describe inter-individual random variability of model parameters using covariates. Various components of NONMEM control stream and output are discussed using examples of NONMEM control and result files, respectively. Finally, model selection and validation are also discussed.
Time Subjects Instructor
(50 min)
Introduction to nonlinear mixed effects modeling Gyu-Jeong Noh
(University of Ulsan)
(35 min)
Structural model, statistical model, covariate model, residual model) Kyung Mi Kim
(University of Ulsan)
(35 min)
NONMEM output, objective function, relative standard error Kwon-Hui Seo
(Hallym University)
(35 min)
Variance-covariance matrix, correlation matrix, condition number Seong-Heon Lee
(Chonnam National University)
(35 min)
Model selection and validation Byung-Moon Choi
(University of Ulsan)